Mission Number Reward Objective
The First Meet 1 $50 Take Jack to his Apartment.
Investigation 2 $100 Go to the Ammu Nation and buy guns and go to the Lucie's Factory and kill the Lucies Gang Member.
The Gang's Revenge 3 $150 Go with Lucies Gang Truck and Stable the Bomb in the Factory.
Lucies Plan 4 $200 Sneak into the Lucies Factory and steal their truck and crush it.
Drive 1.2.3.! 5 $250 Take Jack to the Tokyo City Mall and watch out for the Lucies Gang Truck.
Unleashed 6 $300 Take 3 Leones Member and kill the Lucies Gang and Escape from the COPS.


Mission Numeber Reward Objective
The Police Chase 7 $350 Robbery the Fashion Shop and Escape from Cops.
The Midnight Sneak 8 $400 Sneak into the Ship before 10:30 and kill all polices.
It's Gun Time 9 $450 Go to the Ammu Nation and Train with Officer Ken.
Racer Car 10 $500 Win the Car Race 1st Rank.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Lucies Gang Time 11 $550 Kill the Lucies Gang before they go to Officer Ken.
Save and Ride 12 $600 Save Dr. Parodox and kill the Lucies Gang.
Bike Challenger! 13 $650 Win the Bike Race in 1st Rank.
List Member 14 $700 Take 5 Leone Gang and kill the Lucies Gang.
Lucie's Evoulution 15 $750 Take Dr. Parodox and blast the whole Lucies Truck.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Kill the Boss 16 $800 Kill Jack and throw the body in the River.
Mega Time 17 $850 Kill all the Lucies Gang and go to Officer Ken Apartment.
Take-Off 18 $900 Go to Tokyo City Airport.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Plan is Coming 19 $1000 Go to the New Francies Park and take the Brifcase and come.
Operation Leone Mafia 20 $1100 Take 3 Leone Gang and Kill Diablos.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Grab and Shoot 21 $1200 Grab the Leone Gang and kill the Diablos.

Prison Run Part 1

22 $1300 Sneak into Police Station with Jhordhano and pick up Officer Ken.
Prison Run Part 2 23 $1400 Escape from the COPS and take Officer Ken to his Apartment.
Rumble and Trouble 24 $1500 Kill the Diablos and steal the money.
Get Going 25 $1600 Take Jhordhano and Leone and Kill the Diablos Assistants.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Blast The Building 26 $1700 Go to Diablos Buidling and blast the building.
Team in the Way 27 $1800 Bring Officer Ken and Jhordhano to messup Diablos plan.
The Power of Diablos 28 $1900 Kill Diablos Team Member and take the body to the River Waves.
Line in the Line 29 $2000 Take Leone Gang and Match the Diablos.
Mafia Hedquarter 30 $2100 Take Officer Ken and the Leones to the Hedquarter and kill Mafia Team.
Lisa's Trouble 31 $2200 Help Lisa and bring her to his Brother Jhordhano.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Escape and Blast 32 $2300 Put out the Fire in Officer Ken's Apartment and Help Him.
Lost in Prison 33 $2400 Pick Up Jhordhano and kill the Polices.
Ship Ride 34 $2500 Kill the Diablos coming in a Ship.
HQ Protection 35 $2600 Protect Officer Ken's HQ
Run Away 36 $2700 Take Officer Ken to Jhordhano House before the COP caught him.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Stop the Member 37 $2800 Stop the member going in the Car.
Leone's Escape 38 $2900 Pick Up Jimmy Leone from COPS.


Mission  Number Reward Objective
Hide and Clip 39 $3000 Hide in a and take a Photo.
Running Out of HQ 40 $3100 Blast the Diablos HQ.
Sweet's Meet 41 $3200 Meet Sweet in the Francies New Park.


Mission Number Reward Objective
M.E.G.A Project 42 $3300 Kill the Diablos and take the photo of the body.
Kracken 43 $3400 Kill the Diablo's Messenger
Millionaire Money 44 $3500 Steal the money from the bank and escape from COPS.
Stealing Labaratory 45 $3600 Sneak into Labratory and take chemical boxes.
Escape From the Island 46 $3700 Escape from the COPS with Sweet Johnson.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Killing 47 $3750 Kill Dr. Parodox in the Labaratory.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Hide and Seek 48 $3800 Hide and Sneak into the Park.
Rampage 49 $3850 Kill the Diablos with a Rocket Launcher.
Jhordhano's Flight 50 $3900  Take Jhordhano to the Airport.

Officer Ken

Mission Number Reward Objective
Last in the Helicopter 51 $3950 Follow the Helicopter
Revenge with Diablos Gang 52 $4000 Kill the Team Diablos.
Strike the Dance! 53 $4050 Win the Dance Competation.
Roll-Up 54 $4100 Win the Roll-Up Challenge.
Captured by COPS 55 $4150 Kill the Police and Run Away.
Sneaking Into Jail Part 1 56 $4200 Go to Jail and bring Sweet Jhonson back.
Sneaking Into Jail Part 2 57 $4250

Escape from the COPS.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Cheerup 58 $4300 Bring Sweet, Jhordhano, Lisa and Toni Cipriani to Ken's House.
Gang Ship 59 $4350

Blast Diablos Gang Ship.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Handy Man 60 $4400 Messup the Diablos Construction.
Toni Cipriani's Pick Up 61 $4450 Kill the Diablos and Pick Up Toni.


Mission Number Reward Objective
Daniel's Gang Revenge 62 $4500 Kill the Team Daniel
More than More Money 63 $4550 Steal money by killing a Gang.
Stealing the Bank 64 $4600 Blast the Bank and Escape from COPS.
Countdown 65 $4650 Set a Bomb in a Gang Member Factory.
Fortune Day 66 $4700 Don't Allow any Gangs Member go to Officer Ken's House
Activate the Bomb Part 1 67 $4750 Plant all bombs in the Factory
Activate the Bomb Part 2 68 $4800

Escape from the Factory before 10:00

Planings 69 $4850 Kill the Diablos and Daniel's Gang.
Impressed 70 $4900 Make a Construction and don't Allow any Gang Member.

Jhordhano Levic

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